How to hire a live in nanny - Hiring Process Step by Step - LMIA application
Hiring a Live-in Nanny has never been simpler. All the live-in nannies that advertise with are qualified professionals, with previous experience, who can work with children in private homes without supervision.

Hiring an overseas live-in nanny is an easy 3-step process:
  1. Find a professional nanny with at our online database

    a) Search our online database full of nanny profiles and find suitable candidates that meet your personal requirements. Search Now
    b) Send a direct message to candidates with your name, requirements, and contact details.
    c) Candidates will then answer you directly by email or phone.
    d) Interview any number of candidates remotely to select the right nanny for you.
    e) Determine a suitable candidate. Select a nanny who has the specific skills that meet your requirements. Candidates with the correct qualifications are legally required in the hiring process.
  2. Obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). On average this takes between 6 and 7 weeks, (including the required advertisement period). This LMIA (LMO) allows your nanny to apply for a work permit from their country of residence. For more information on LMIAs,  click here.
    For a list of LMIA application forms and sample employment contract, click here - LMIA application forms and Employment contract.
  3. Send the LMIA to your nanny. She will take it to the nearest Canadian embassy to apply for a work permit. Some Canadian embassies process applications quicker than others. For more details, contact the Canadian embassy in your nanny’s country directly (by email). They are generally very responsive and happy to help with any queries.

Typically the entire process will take no longer than 3-5 months.

Once you have chosen the perfect nanny from you can independently complete all the necessary paperwork. This process is not complicated but should you require assistance in processing paperwork, we are happy to offer you this specialist service at a small cost. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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