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British Columbia parents who need to work hard to provide for their families, but also want the very best for their children and their family lives, are increasingly turning to live-in nannies as a positive and life-affirming solution. Fortunately, finding and hiring a live-in nanny in British Columbia is now easier than ever, thanks to LiveInNanny's Canadian website,

If you live in Vancouver, Langley, Richmond, Surrey, Victoria, Delta, or anywhere else in British Columbia, you can now search for and contact a qualified and experienced foreign nanny for no charge. There are absolutely no agency fees, since you hire your nanny directly.

The process for hiring an overseas live-in nanny in British Columbia has just a few simple steps. First, search the profiles of the available nannies whose experience and background seem like a good fit for your family. Next, contact the nanny or nannies by sending them a message through the site. If the initial exchanges of messages feels right and you want to go further into the interview process, simply exchange contact details with the nanny and interview her directly, by telephone or video call.

If you decide to offer the nanny the position, negotiate, sign, and exchange contracts with her. Then, handle the legal paperwork requirements as set out by the Canadian government in the official guide called ďLive In Caregiver Program & LMO.Ē The complete paperwork process, provided everything is in order, usually takes no more than two or three months.

Your live-in nanny in British Columbia will do just that: she will live in your home. This situation will provide the maximum convenience for you, safety for the children, and the best possible living situation for a nanny who is new to Canada. You will always have reliable adult supervision of your children, who will be able to remain in your home whether the children are healthy or home with a cold. In addition, live-in nannies usually agree to assume other household duties such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, pet care, driving and shopping. This means that your time at home can be spent with the children or with your spouse, or simply relaxing or studying to further your career, instead of rushing from chore to tedious chore. This reduces strain in marriages and creates a healthier bond with the children, all of which contributes to a happier and healthier life for everyone.

Your overseas nanny may, conceivably, come from nearly any country in the world. However, two groups of nannies in particular are worth mentioning here, as they are both known for their education and their professionalism in handling children. First, nannies from the Philippines are famous for their patience, cheerfulness, strong work ethic, and loyalty to their charges, as well as for their excellent standards of nursing and childcare practices. Second, live-in nannies from Russia and the Ukraine are usually highly educated and extremely motivated to help children succeed in school, sports, and music. Additionally, they may be able to tutor your children in Russian, mathematics, chess, sports, or a musical instrumentóor all of the above!

Should you happen to require not a live-in nanny in British Columbia, but rather a caregiver for an elderly family member or for someone with special needs or disabilities, you can also use LiveInNanny's site. Simply search for a caregiver who has the skill set and experience you require, then follow the same procedure for hiring your caregiver as you would for hiring a live-in nanny in British Columbia.

Stop waiting for the perfect nanny to come into your life. Start searching here, and hire your perfect nanny today!

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Xueli   33 Years old 2 Year Experience Chinese
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny
Education: Bachelor's Degree, High School, First Aid Certificate, Certified Nanny Training, CPR Training
My name is Xueli Sun, and my friends call me Sherry. Iím living in the United States as an au pair right now. I have taken care of an American child (Max) for almost 2 years full-time (45 hours a week), since he was 14 months old. I have a wonderful and close relationship with Max and my American host family. I feel very upset that I canít stay with them longer since my au pair program is almost done. One time I told Max, Iíll go back to China someday, just to let him know I will not always be with him. I didnít think Max would be so sad at my words, but that day before bedtime, he asked
Norie   46 Years old 4 Year Experience Filipino
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny
Education: Bachelor's Degree, College, Certified Elderly Care Training, Certified Nanny Training, CPR Training, caregiving graduate
To my Future Employer! Have a great Day to you and Family. I am Norie Rosales 39 yrs old from Philippines, happily married blessed with 4 childrens Age 14, 11 (twins) & 8 yrs old. I am the daughter of Hardworking parents my Father is Working in a Public Service Vehicle, my Mother has a food business. because of them I finished my BSC Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Economics in 1999. In addition I am a Certified Caregiver graduated from Brent Hospital Colleges Inc. Philippines, last 2013. I am a person who is cheerful and has high expectations for the results. I am confident with my
Kathlyn   40 Years old 5 Year Experience Filipino
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny
Education: Bachelor's Degree, College
A blessed day to my dear future employer! I am Kathlyn Samuel Bucasen, single, 32 years old and I am a Christian. I am currently working as a nanny since November 2010 up to present with the same employer, here in Hong Kong. At first, I was assigned to look after Evelyn, their first child, since she was born, later on they let me look after Douglas, their second child, when he was born and up to present. I am blessed being their nanny because I see how they grow up, from New born and now they are growing up and going to school. Presently, I just look after Douglas, I assist him in bathing,
Marissa   61 Years old 8 Year Experience Filipino
Qualifications:  Live in
Education: Bachelor's Degree, Graduated High School or Equivalent, Certified Elderly Care Training, First Aid Certificate, CPR Training, Certified Caregiver , Practicum training at Hospicio de San Jose for Nursery, Elderly and Children with Special Needs Department
I am fun with children because I am also a mother. I can easily cope up with the work of a Caregiver because I had a background on how to take care of children. I am currently working as a Teacher in an Education Center.I am a hard worker and a flexible person. I want to do something that would be a great help for others.
Julie Ann   38 Years old 5 Year Experience Filipino
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny, Caregiver for Elderly, Caregiver for Special Needs
Education: Bachelor's Degree
I am an Au pair before, taking care of two kids, helping my host parents with the activities of daily living. And I had also worked in Singapore as an Assistant nurse in a nursing home taking care of the elderly, and also worked as a home care nurse taking care of post hospital elderly patients. I am a hardworking, friendly, flexible girl and can adopt to different environments.