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As Alberta parents work harder and longer hours as every year goes by, having a live-in nanny in Edmonton is a practical, sane, and healthy choice for the entire family.

But how can a busy working parent find a credible, hard-working, and affordable live-in nanny for their Edmonton home, without paying a great deal of money or going to a great deal of effort? LiveInNanny's Canadian website,, parents can locate, interview and hire the perfect live-in nanny from overseas, all from the comfort and safety of their home. Better still, the service is completely free of charge to parents!

The process works like this. First, parents search the site for the nanny whose experience, interest and profile best suits the needs of the family. Then, parents simply message the nanny through the site, and exchange contact information. If the early exchanges of emails seem positive, parents can then interview the nanny by telephone or by Skype. Assuming that the candidate seems to be a good fit, the parents then offer the nanny the position, and negotiate, sign, and exchange contracts.

After contracts have been signed, all parents then have to do is fill out the correct forms as dictated by the Canadian government. This process of legally hiring foreign nannies and caregivers is briefly explained by the government's guide “Live In Caregiver Program & LMO.” It is important to know that each nanny who posts her profile on LiveInNanny's site will be fully vetted by the Canadian government. This vetting process includes verification of the nanny's educational and medical qualifications, professional references, a medical exam attesting that she is healthy, and a clean criminal background check. Usually the entire paperwork process only takes a few months.

Your nanny will be on an extended contract and will live in your home as part of her job. This arrangement has many benefits for both the family and the nanny herself. First, children will always have a responsible adult at home with them, so if parents need to work late or get caught in one of Edmonton's sudden blizzards, the children will never be left alone. Second, having a live-in nanny in Edmonton allows parents to either spend more time with their children and the family as a whole, or devote additional time to pursuing professional goals such as night classes or extra projects at work. Third, because a live-in nanny will normally assume other household responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping and driving, parents can spend their precious time off being together or with the family, instead of frantically rushing to complete chore after endless domestic chore.

Live-in nannies in Edmonton come from many different countries and many different backgrounds. Many foreign nannies hail from Russia or the Ukraine, and their excellent educational background can make them wonderful assistants to your children with their homework or even teaching them Russian, sports, or a musical instrument. Other nannies come from the Philippines, where they are known for their gentleness, patience, loyalty, and excellence in caregiving and childcare professions. They may be willing to introduce your children to the foods and culture of their home countries, enhancing their world outlook and teaching them to think more globally. In this age of inter-connectivity, being exposed to different cultures and languages can only benefit children. Likewise, a live-in nanny in Edmonton will be more than happy to explore the many sights and activities of the city with your children, with a great sense of adventure, appreciation and enthusiasm.

Should you require another type of caregiver for a family member, such as for an elderly parent or a child with special needs, simply indicate that in your search of LiveInNanny's website. Simply search for a caregiver who has the experience and qualifications you require; most candidates will have specialized medical training for the work they perform. Hiring a caregiver requires going through exactly the same simple process as for hiring a live-in nanny in Edmonton.

Search, locate, contact, and hire your perfect live-in nanny or caregiver for your Edmonton home, today!


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Kenia   33 Years old 4 Year Experience Salvadorenian
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny
Education: College, Graduated High School or Equivalent, High School, CPR Training
Dear host family, thank you very much for taking your time to check my profile. My name is Kenia Segura. I am 26 years old and I come from El Salvador in Central America. I am a college student who has a special passion for kids. I am currently working as a nanny for a new born baby boy here in El Salvador. I am a very hard working person and also very competitive, I always take initiative and exceed expectations. I am an energetic baby sitter who loves playing outside, I am very funny, creative, honest and very loyal. I take very serious my work for what I like to teach good manner and be a
Rochael   36 Years old 4 Year Experience Filipino
Qualifications:  Live in Caregiver for Elderly, Caregiver for Special Needs
Education: Associates Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Certified Elderly Care Training, First Aid Certificate, CPR Training
Hi, I am Rochael Colita, 28 years old. I'm from the Philippines currently living in Denmark. I have a bachelor's degree in nursing from Liceo de Cagayan University and a registered Nurse in the Philippines. I do well in cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids as well as elderly (I worked at nursing homes before in Singapore and I'm currently an au-pair in Denmark). I'm an honest, responsible, hardworking, patient, happy, quiet and sweet person. Because of my experiences in life, I know just what it entails to look after children, elderly as well as person with disability employing compas
Iris Susanne   58 Years old 20 Year Experience German
Qualifications:  Live in Caregiver for Elderly
Education: Certified Elderly Care Training, Middle school Germany
I am Iris from Germany and I am a Geriatic nurse. I have 2 adult children. I am separated and i am soon divorced. My biggest wish is to work in Canada and to live there. My family supports my wish. In my 20 year work experience I have done every work with seniors. I love my job. I works in nursing home, homecare and nursing home for adults with handicapped. My work gives a lot of pleasure to me and is important. My strengths are patience, flexibility, care, empathy, interest in other people and countries. My hobbies are horeseback riding, reading and cooking (healthy). In order to improve m
Sushma   45 Years old 11 Year Experience Nepalese
Qualifications:  Live in Nanny, Caregiver for Elderly
Education: Bachelor's Degree, College, High School, Certified Elderly Care Training, First Aid Certificate
Hello, prospective family. My name is Sushma. I am mother of a child. I raised him by myself. I worked at kindergarten and I have 7 years experience with age from 2 yrs to 10 yrs. Now I am working as a caregiver in Israel for already 3yrs and 6 months. I am taking care of elderly. It's an honor that I am being a part of their family. I am very loyal and honest person. I am someone who can adopt to any situation. Even if things get rough. I am dedicated, hardworking and responsible person. If I have a chance to take care of them as a nanny or elderly I am a good caregiver. I will take care of
Natasa   59 Years old 8 Year Experience Lithuanian
Qualifications:  Live in Caregiver for Elderly, Caregiver for Special Needs
Education: Graduated High School or Equivalent, Certified Elderly Care Training, First Aid Certificate, CPR Training
My name is Natasa and I am 51 years old. Originally from Lithuania, but I have been living and working in United Kingdom for the last 14 years. I am service-oriented, caring, compassionate caregiver, with more than 8 years experience in healthcare environment in UK. Core competencies include organized, hard-working, professional and reliable as well as excellent communication and time management skills. I handle tasks with accuracy and efficiency, which makes me extremely highly qualified and dedicated person. I have two grown up children, who recently moved to Canada, and this is the reason