Candidate Profile Summary - Kenia Segura
     Personal Information
Candidate ID: 27699
First Name: Kenia
Last Name: Segura
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Nationality: Salvadorenian
Current Location: San Pedro Perulapan, El Salvador
Seeking: Full Time Live-in Position
Specializing In: Childcare
Dear host family, thank you very much for taking your time to check my profile. My name is Kenia Segura. I am 26 years old and I come from El Salvador in Central America. I am a college student who has a special passion for kids. I am currently working as a nanny for a new born baby boy here in El Salvador. I am a very hard working person and also very competitive, I always take initiative and exceed expectations. I am an energetic baby sitter who loves playing outside, I am very funny, creative, honest and very loyal. I take very serious my work for what I like to teach good manner and be a good role model for host kids. I like reading, walking, cooking and baking cookies, I love traveling and I adapt myself to new environment so easy, I am very social and I like to meet new people. I have over 4 years of experience on the field ‘’child care’’ I worked recently as Au Pair in United States of America (2014-2016). I took care of 3 little girls (Giavanna 2 years old, Samantha 6 years old and Ella 8 years old); also I had a previous part time job, working with kids between 3 and 5 years old. When I was a teenager I used to be a volunteer in ‘’hearts home’’ which is a Catholic program that work with kids in different ages. I have enough experience with almost all ages (0-9 years old). I have a lot energy and I like to keep kids very busy. I am not a television or IPad lover I am more the type of baby sitter who enjoy playing outside, bringing them to the park, library, taking walks, scooter or bike rides also I do not like too much junk food, I do prefer healthy kids (fruits and vegetables). I consider myself as a good baby sitter very lovely with kids, very careful and my big concern while working with kids is keep them safe. Besides to get so close with kids easy I am very efficient with my duties, I like to keep my working areas clean and tidy because I am very organize. I treat kids not only with love but also with respect which is a part of good manner I grew up with. I have so many good memories from previous jobs. I feel ready for a new adventure, new environment, and new challenges. I am looking for an active family who is willing to welcome a Caregiver (me) as a new member of the family. Any question please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to meet you, big hugs… kenia.  
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Experience working as:
Years of experience: 4 Years full-time paid experience
Experienced With Age Groups:
Newborn - 3 months  
3 - 12 months - Infant  
1-2 Years Toddler  
2-4 Years Preschool  
5-12 Years School-age  
Employment history:
From To Name of Employer Employer Address Position Name
07/2016  11/2016  Do?an’s family  San Salvador, El Salvador  nanny 
I was hired for a total period of 4 months with the Do?an’s family. I work 8 hours per day helping to take care the new born while moms recover after a surgery. My responsibilities besides taking care the baby are: doing laundry, cleaning up his room, giving him baths, changing diapers, bottle feeding and also I put him down for a nap. My contract with this family will finish by November. 
08/2014  07/2016  Ingoglia's family  Saint Jmaes, NY United State of America  Au Pair 
I used to take care 3 little girls: Giavanna 2 years old, Samantha 6 years old and Ella 8 years old. Some of my duties were: clean up their rooms, vacuum, tidy up the play room, do the girls laundry (clothes and sheets from their beds). Also I used to get them ready for school, bring them and pick them up from the bus, do the homework right after school with them, cooking (breakfast, lunches for school and also snacks). During their free time I was in charge of setting up play days with neighbors, bringing them to pools parties, parks around the house, to the library or just for a walk around. Children love playing outside for what I used to take them for a scooter or a bike ride. In a raining day I love making crafts, baking cookies, watching movies, playing board games and many more activities to get them busy. PS. I was not allow to drive the girls to any place, I used to have a family member to drive us everywhere.  
02/2014  07/2014  Abrego's family  Cuscatlan, El Salvador  nanny 
(Part time job) I worked 6 months for the Abrego’s family taking care their children. My part time job was about 4 hours per day after college. My duties used to be pick the kids up from school, bringing them to the house (3 streets down their house). Right after I used to prepare their snacks, do homework and play with them until parents get home from work. I used to take care Carlotta 7 years old and Danna 5 years old. 
Graduated High School or Equivalent  
High School  
CPR Training  
Dates Attended Name of School/College/University Main Subject Studied Diploma achieved
01/2016 - 06/2016  Suffolk county community college  English  English pronunciation workshop/TOELF preparation. 
01/2015 - 05/2015  Suffolk county community college  ESL classes  120 education hours 
01/2010 - 11/2013  Universidad de El Salvador  English/French  English certificate/french certificate. 
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      Other Information
Marital Status: Single  
Religion/Spiritual Practice: Christian 
Languages spoken: Spanish 
Country of Residence: El Salvador
Do you have your own children? No
Criminal record: No 
Valid Driver's License: Yes 
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker  
Do You Swim? Yes 
Comfortable with pets: Yes  
Household duties: Cooking/Meal Preparation, Housekeeping, Running errands, Laundry
Health: Excellent
Height: 4' 11" or 150 Centimeters
Weight: 145 Lbs or 66 Kgs
Allergies: any allergies.
Salary: Negotiate - provincial minimum wages
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